Saturday, January 9, 2010

Coup threats in Ecuador and Paraguay

Rafael Correa Denounces Honduran Style Coup Attempts in Ecuador

Paraguay: Watch out ... coup in sight

The offensive by US imperialism and the local oligarchic elite in Latin America, aimed at reversing the popular movements that have made important gains in recent years, is clearly continuing in the new year.

Last year was marked by the military coup against the elected government of Manuel Zelaya in Honduras, with mass resistance and brutal repression still continuing.

Zelaya had introduced popular measures like an increased minimum wage and joined the anti-imperialist political and trading bloc, the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA).

The US also announced plans for seven new military bases in Colombia, which other South American nations denounced as a serious war threat. Already this year, Venezuela has denounced violations of its airspace by US planes and also a plan by Colombia to manufacture an incident on its Venezuelan border as an excuse to provoke a war.

None of these threats should be taken lightly. Argentinean Marxist Luis Bilbao, working as an advisor to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, explained in a 2008 article what was at stake for imperialism and also for the popular movements.

He argued that the popular movements had grown so strong in consciousness and organisation in countries like Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador that they could only be defeated through war.

And this is what we are seeing. The military coup in Honduras is the first shots on this war. The military bases and other threats from Colombia indicate future threats.

And, now we have indications of coup threats from two mopre countries: Ecuador and Paraguay. In both, right-wing political forces have been defeated electorally by forces promising pro-people changes. Ecuador has joined ALBA, while Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo has indicated his intention to join.